Dreiling Medical Management Corporation develops and operates dialysis units and is committed to providing the highest quality medical care to patients with chronic and acute renal disease.

Founded by Albert Dreiling in 1976, all Dreiling dialysis units are joint ventures with physicians.

Dreiling’s corporate executives work with each physician group to select a site, develop a dialysis unit concept and provide ongoing services to support the efficient operation of the unit. Through this collaborative process, Dreiling ensures the creation of a patient, staff and physician friendly environment.

Other companies may offer many of these same services, but what sets Dreiling Medical Management apart is our absolute commitment to personalized service for you and your practice. No red tape. No obstacles.

Over the years, Dreiling has earned an enviable reputation for providing high-quality, cost-effective patient services. Patient outcomes are measured and Dreiling’s highly qualified physician partners adjust dialysis prescriptions on an ongoing basis. Because of this attentive oversight, Dreiling units enjoy a rate of hospitalizations that is well below the national average.

Patient satisfaction is measured by annual surveys, which reflect a 90 percent satisfaction rating. Patient compliance at Dreiling units is also excellent, due to up-to-date patient communication materials and low patient-to-staff ratios.

Headquartered in Aventura, Florida, Dreiling currently provides management services to a network of four dialysis units, serving more than 400 patients.






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